This is where we will create our community guidelines as added upon by our project organizers. This is a vibrant, growing documents. Final changes should show on this page with discussions happening on the discussions tab.

1. Purpose

  • To create a living document to help educators in all disciplines to easily connect with others while raising the quality of discussions about collaborative scholarly work through a real-world experience as part of Connected Educators month 2012. This purpose may evolve upon general consensus of participants.
  • To empower and engage educators around the world as they collect and disseminate education best practices and conversations about improving education in diverse settings.
  • To disseminate this content effectively and globally, free of charge.

2. Point of View

Third person is preferred unless it is a direct quotation which may be first person, attributed, and hyperlinked to their blog with a Twitter handle in parentheses (if available.)

3. Licensing and Copyright

Creative Commons License Attribution Unported License.

Link to works. Make sure that you quote it, that it can be shared freely with others under the license of this website. We want anyone to be able to freely use what we write as part of this challenge. Please put direct quotes in quotations with a link. Include Twitter handles and blogs for each person cited.

4. Community Guidelines


Wikispaces help on top right side. You will have volunteers to help on the help page or if you’re on twitter, talk and share at #ce12challenge


Assume good faith on the part of other participants and self-regulate responses when problems happen.

5. Rules

  • Be responsible. You are responsible for your edits.
  • Be civil. Each of us responsible to make this a civil environment. Do not harrass other users.
  • Be lawful. Do not violate copyright or other laws. We are governed by US copyright laws on this site.
  • No harm. Do not harm this or any other technology infrastructure associated with this site.
  • You are freely licensing your contribution. You are licensing your contributions and editors to this site under a free and open license.
  • No professional advice. This site is disseminating information for information purposes only and doesn't constitute professional advice.