Setting up a Username on Wikispaces:

Go to

Step 1:

is to pick a username, to do this you simply click into the username box and type your name.

Step 2:

is to set your password, your password should be easy for you to remember but hard for anyone else to guess.

Step 3:

requires you to enter your E-mail address, they will not send spam or share your E-mail address with anyone.

Step 4:

is optional if you are going to create your on wikispace

Asking to Join a Wikispace:

To join a wikispace you must type it’s URL into the URL box on your Internet browser, on the left hand side of the wiki there will be a button under the Actions heading. Example: [[|]]Join this Space. Clicking this button will bring you to the Request membership to the wiki of your choice. There is an optional comment box which allows you to send the wiki manager a comment about yourself or about your membership to their wiki. Leaving a comment is not necessary, you can just click the Request Membership. Once you click the Request Membership button your request is sent to the space organizers. The space organizers will send you an E-mail to your E-mail address where you can confirm your membership to that certain wiki.

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