When you connect yourself online, you:

  • Find best practices and real ideas from other teachers
  • Find encouragement from others who are teaching the same grade/ subject as you
  • Can find the best free professional development online
  • Will meet people who can help you connect your students to others.
  • Use all of the 21st Century Skills to work with students and other teachers.

I teach English to Italian students and the most difficult thing for them is to use the language in real communication, I mean not communication with me because they know I can speak and understand Italian, so any use of the language is fake. So, I started to engage them in collaborative projects with other classes around Europe thanks the eTwinning project which provides a platform for project management and only recently have found FlatClassroom which can further enlarge our opportunities for sharing and communication. Today, being able to interact in a foreign language is of paramount importance particularly when your mother tongue is not a widely spoken language. I believe this is one of the skills my students do need also for their future carreers in school, university and work. If they can develop this skill early, they are no longer going to forget it.

"I had the opportunity to connect with three teachers from other countries and it was an incredible experience for us, as educators, and the students. I think it's important to start by developing a rapport with one another, which can involve talking about things other than education, such as your backgrounds. The relationship helps you be more open and honest with each other as your collaborations develop. Connecting with other educators also gives you additional opportunities to learn new techniques and bounce ideas off of one another. It's a completely different experience to read about a technique being used in a classroom and actually interacting with the teacher using that technique." Michelle McGarvey